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Election 2022-2023 Winners: Board of Directors

US Hemp Building Association announces the results of the 2022-2023 board of directors election. The seven-member Volunteer Board of Directors serve for 2-year terms. Board members serve on USHBA and our sister 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, the US Hemp Building Foundation.

Voting was open to members and ended on Dec. 9.

The winners of this year's election are:

  • President: Ray Kaderli

  • Vice President: Ryan Doherty

  • Secretary: Jean Lotus

  • Treasurer: Michael Knight

  • Board Member at Large: Matthew Bruce

  • Board Member at Large: Tai Olson

  • Board Member at Large: Alexander Sexsmith

US Hemp Building Association is a membership organization dedicated to support and advocate for hemp building professionals, projects, and materials in the United States.

Thank you to all the candidates who ran in this election.

See Membership Plans HERE

Thanks so much for being a valued member (and if you are not one, there are many reasons to join TODAY)!  We truly are Building Our Future, Together!


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