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Fire Performance 

The Heat Conductivity Properties of Hemp–Lime Composite Material Used in Single-Family Buildings

Sławomir Pochwała 1,*, Damian Makiola 1 , Stanisław Anweiler 2 and Michał Böhm

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Hygro/Humidity Regulation

The Effect of Different Mix Proportions on the Hygrothermal Performance of Hempcrete in the Canadian Context

Ujwal Dhakal, 2020

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Hygrothermal Performance of Hempcrete Infill Wall Systems in Cold Climates

Mehdi Md Iftekharul Alam, 2020

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Characterization of Hemp-Lime Bio-Composite

B Pietruszka, M Gołębiewski and P Lisowski, 2019

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Thermo-hygrometric Behavior of Hempcrete Walls for Sustainable Building Construction in the Mediterranean Area

P Aversa, B Daniotti, G Dotelli, A Marzo, C Tripepi, S Sabbadini, P Lauriola, V A M Luprano, 2019

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Experimental Highlight of Hygrothermal Phenomena in Hemp Concrete Wall

Florence COLLET*, Sylvie PRETOT, 2015

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Effect of Temperature Dependent Sorption Characteristics of the Hygrothermal Behavior of Hemp Concrete

A.D. Tran Le a,*, D. Samrib, M. Rahim a, O. Douzane a, G. Promisa , T. Langlet a, 2015

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Influence of Water Absorption on the Selected Properties of Hemp Hurd Composites


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Experimental and Numerical Evaluation of the Hygrothermal Performance of a Hemp Lime Concrete Building: A Long Term Case Study

Bassam Moujalled, Yacine Ait Oumeziane, Sophie Moissette, Marjorie Bart, Christophe Lanos, Driss Samri, 2019

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Monitoring the Hydrothermal Performance of a Hemp Lime Building: Experimental and Numerical Approach

Driss Samri, Bassam Moujalled, Fabrice Richieri, Damien Sgorlon Cerema, 2015

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Thermal Performance 

Thermal Properties of Hempcrete, a Case Study

Jere Komsi, 2018

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Thermal Conductivity of Hemp Concretes: Variation with Formulation, Density and Water Content

Forence Collet & Sylvie Pretot, 2014

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Moisture Fixation and Thermal Properties of Lime–Hemp Concrete

Paulien de Bruijn , Peter Johansson, 2013

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Dynamical Interactions Between Heat and Mass Flows in Lime-Hemp Concrete

A. Evrard & A. De Herde, 2006

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Thermal Performance of Real-Life In-Situ Cast Lime Hemp Walls in Flanders

Elke Knapen, Naomi Neelen, Ilse Claes, Bram Vandoren and Bart Janssens, 2020

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The Occurrence of Thermal Bridges in Hemp-Lime Construction Junctions

Magdalena Grudzińska, Przemysław Brzyski, 2019

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Study on Strength and Microstructure of Hempcrete

M. Jothilingam and Pratheeba Paul, 2019

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Study of Lime Hemp Concrete (LHC) – MixDesign, Casting Process and Mechanical Behavior

Pierre Tronet, Thibaut Lecompte, Vincent Picandet, Christophe Baley, 2016

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Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Hemp-Lime Composites

Danuta Barnat-Hunek*, Piotr Smarzewski, Stanisław Fic, 2015

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Structural Benefits of Hempcrete Infill in Timber Stud Walls

Agnita Mukherjee, 2012

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Effect of Compaction on Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Hemp Concrete

Tai Thu Nguyen*, Vincent Picandet*, Patrick Carre*, Thibaut Lecompte*, Sofiane Amziane**, Christophe Baley*, 2010

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Characterization of Low Density Hemp-Lime Composite Building Materials Under Compression Loading

Edward AJ Hirst, Peter Walker, Kevin A Paine, and Tim Yates, 2010

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Physical Properties and Structure of Composite Made by Using Hemp Hurds and Different Binding Materials

Giedrius Balčiūnasa, Sigitas Vėjelisb, Saulius Vaitkusc, Agnė Kairytėd, 2013

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Hemp Concretes Mechanical Properties using both Shives and Fibers

Paulien de Bruijn, 2008

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Characterisation of Hemp-Lime as a Composite Building Material

Edward Alexander, Joseph Hirst, 2013

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Overview on Bio-based Building Material made with Plant Aggregate

Sofiane Amzianea, Mohammed Sonebib, 2016

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Utilization of Hemp Concrete as a Building Material

N. Stevulova, l. Kidalova, E. Terpakova, J. Junak, 2012

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Properties of a Thermal-Insulating Wall Material based on Hemp Shives and Lime Binder

Przemysław Brzyski, Grzegorz Łagód, and Zbigniew Suchorab, 2019

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Hempcrete Noise Barrier Wall for Highway Noise Insulation

Prabesh KC, 2016

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Energy Consumption

The Effectiveness of Hempcrete as an Infill Insulation in the Prairies Compared to a Standard Building Based on Power Consumption

Jeremy Pinkos, 2014

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Full-scale Studies of Improving Energy Performance by Renovating Historic Swedish Timber Buildings with Hemp-lime

Paulien Strandberg-de Bruijn, Anna Donarelli, Kristin Balksten, 2019

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Environmental Impact

Hempcrete as a Sustainable Building Material

Joseph Updike

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Hempcrete – An Environmentally Friendly Material?

Hana Bedlivá’s, Nigel Isaacs, 2014

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Hemp–A Sustainable Building Material

Arpan Tewari, 2018

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Hempcrete from Cradle to Grave: the Role of Carbonatation in Material Sustainability

Alessandro Arrigoni, Dr. Renato Pelosato, Giovanni Dotelli, 2016

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The Role of Industrial Hemp in Carbon Farming

James Vosper BSCHons, FRGS

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Air Quality

Empirical Assessment of Indoor Air Quality and Overheating in Low-Carbon Social Housing Dwellings in England, UK

Rajat Gupta & Mariam Kapsali, 2014

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A Green Chemistry Approach to Pulping Hemp as an Industrially Relevant Renewable Fiber for Construction

Cai, Dr.Charles, 2020

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Manufacturing of Building Blocks Using Hempcrete

Nayana Manohari T K , Sunil H G , Devika Rani , Akshay Kumar, 2016

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Enhancement of Lime-Hemp Concrete Properties Using Different Manufacturing Technologies

M. Sinka, L. Radina, G. Sahmenko, A. Korjakins, D. Bajare, 2015

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The Development of Stabilised Clay-Hemp Building Material for Sustainability and Low Carbon Use

J.E. Oti, J.M. Kinuthia, 2020

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A Review of Alternative Building Materials in comparison to CMU: Hempcrete, Woodcrete, Papercrete

Rachelle Hornby, 2017

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Study of a Hempcrete Wall Exposed to Outdoor Climate: Effects of the Coating

A.Piot, T.Béjat, A.Jay, L.Bessette, E.WurtzL.Barnes-Davin, 2016

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Physical and Mechanical Properties of Hempcrete

İsmail Demir, *, Cüneyt Doğan, 2020

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Use of Technical Hemp for Concrete - Hempcrete

Petra Novakova, Jiri Sal, 2019

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Sorption Behavior of Lime-Hemp Concrete and Its Relation to Indoor Comfort and Energy Demand

Arnaud Evrard, 2006

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