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SXSW: Speakers say ‘hempcrete’ is the environmental building material of the future

Updated: Jun 1

San Antonio-area real estate investor and developer Ray Kaderli (far right) speaks in a March 11 South by Southwest panel discussion about hempcrete, a sustainable building material, at the Austin Marriott Hotel. (Edmond Ortiz/Community Impact)

By Edmond Ortiz | 11:20 AM Mar 13, 2023 CDT

Updated 11:20 AM Mar 13, 2023 CDT

A SXSW panel discussion about carbon-zero construction featured Ray Kaderli, an entrepreneur, real estate investor and developer from the San Antonio area; Detroit-based FiberFort founder/owner Kim Croes; and Hempire International founder/CEO Sergiy Kovalenkov.

Kaderli told the audience he is developing a house on San Antonio’s west side using hempcrete with more traditional building materials to use as a demonstrative structure and a home to rent out.

President of the U.S. Hemp Building Association, Kaderli said hempcrete, which is developed from byproducts of hemp processing, is friendly to environment and helps to ensure a healthier housing structure for inhabitants than traditional building material. Kaderli also said about 20,000 pounds of hempcrete have been applied at the west side housing project.

“That’s 20,000 pounds of carbon that’s sequestered out of the atmosphere," he said. "You can make a quick impact with that."

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